J-1 Program Eligibility

Who Can Participate in the J-1 Intern and Trainee Program

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Participants / J-1 Holders

Non-U.S. citizen with valid passport

Demonstratable English proficiency

Over the age of 18 years old

Currently enrolled in full-time, post-secondary degree program outside of the U.S., or holds such a degree; AND/OR full-time, relevant professional work experience abroad (Trainees only)

Utilizing the J-1 for immersion & learning purposes, not as a tool to remain in the U.S. permanently

Hosting U.S. Companies

In business for over one year

4+ full-time employees on site

Ability to provide a full-time, temporary training opportunity (at least 60% on site) with experienced supervisors & evaluative tools in place

Can provide American cultural activities

Committed to compliance

The J-1 is not being utilized to fill an employment gap, for the goal of outsourcing, or as a bridge for a standard employment visa; nor used for manual labor

Professional Pathways brings together internationally-minded U.S. companies with talented individuals from all over the world.