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How to Apply

Whether you’re a skilled international professional or representing a U.S. employer looking to develop your global workforce, working with AIFS Professional Pathways assists you every step of the journey, beginning with our streamlined, step-by-step application process. 

Step 1: Create an Account

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Step 2: Submit Application Forms

Representatives of U.S. Companies provide basic company information (registration, staffing Workers’ Comp, etc.), contact information, details about the proposed training program goals and activities, and program compensation and benefits information.
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Participants (future visa holders) provide biographic, academic, and professional information; insight into their goals and intent in pursuing this opportunity; and information around their financial resourcing to live in the U.S.
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Step 3: Participants Submit Application Supplements

Participants are prompted to supply materials including a copy of a valid passport, up-to-date resume/CV, proof of recent academic credentials and/or professional experience, and documentation confirming English fluency.* Participants will also make their health insurance selection and provide information about any dependents who will require J-2 visa sponsorship.  
*AIFS Professional Pathways will conduct an interview if documentation unavailable.  

Step 4: Evaluation of J-1 Program Eligibility

Once the materials of both the company/organization and participant are received, the sponsorship application is deemed complete and will be evaluated by AIFS Professional Pathways. All parties may be contacted during this time for follow-up information. 

New J-1 Host Companies working with AIFS Professional Pathways will undergo mandatory vetting and an educational onboarding call during this step.

Step 5: Training Plan Document Issued

Once determined eligible, AIFS Professional Pathways will issue the federal DS-7002 Official Training Plan document to be reviewed and signed by the company/organization and the participant.

Step 6: Certificate of Eligibility and Approval Documents Issued.

We will issue the DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility, fully signed DS-7002, and I-901 receipt. These are the documents required for the participant to apply for their J-1 visa. 

Step 7: Participant Applies for J-1 Visa

(Non-Canadians only) Participants apply for and obtain their visa through the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. This process usually takes 2 to 6 weeks, though wait times vary greatly based on location and time of year.

AIFS Professional Pathways Application Processing Timeline: 

From the time of application completion to DS-2019 issuance, please plan for a 4-week turnaround with standard application processing. Expedited application processing available for a 1-week service upon request.

When planning, please consider both these processing times and local U.S. Embassy/ Consulate wait times. In general, we advise applicants start this process 2-3 months prior to their anticipated U.S. arrival date.